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Terms and Conditions for Car Rental

Vehicle is rented upon term conditions and agreements written on this contract. Vehicle is to be operated only by the renter or any additional renter who is authorized by rent a car. Driving the car in non-asphalt road is prohibited. Vehicle is not allowed to board on the boat or cross the Greek borders. Renter is responsible for all parking and traffic violations which should be proven paid upon collection of the vehicle, otherwise renter will be charged for traffic fines, at the time that rent car is notified by the renter or traffic authorities.

Renter is responsible for reporting an accident with full details of the other party involved , to the traffic Police and Rent car , otherwise insurance will not be valid. Renter must provide Rent car with the traffic Police report of the accident and must fill out and sign an accident report upon return to our office. In any other case renter will be charged with the full amount of the damage caused. Accidents caused by negligence , by influence of alcohol or other drugs and by violation of the Greek Traffic Law are not covered by the insurance. The under body of the car is not covered by the insurance.

To ensure the reservation of the car, we ask for 20% of the price of rental as a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable if the rental is cancelled 14 days before your scheduled arrival.


In the event of an accident, the driver has the obligation to immediately report the accident to the indicated numbers or to the police and to undertake all required actions.
Breaching any of the following rules will result in the insurance company refusing to pay, in which case YOU pay for all damages.

INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER severe driver violations and negligence such as:

Off-road driving (for example to Balos or Preveli or on any another off-road stretches)

The insurance does not cover a wheel that does not support vulcanization or a rim that is not repairable.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Transferring the rented car to any person not included and subscribed in the contract.

Any damage sustained after expiration of agreed rental period and time.

Loss of key
The customer is responsible for all costs involved in replacing and shipping a second key in the event of key loss or damage as well as when inadvertently locking the key inside the car.

Car Replacement
In the event of accident or breakdown, your car will be replaced (provided that the renter followed traffic rules), within 24 hours from reporting the accident or breakdown.

If the accident occurred due to the tenant’s fault, we reserve the right to refuse replacement.


Bookings are for a specific Group of cars, usually including several different car models of similar characteristics. You can request a specific model after confirming your reservation. We will add your preference to your order and try to match it if available on the day you arrive. Please note that you should be prepared to get any car from your chosen Group . In case you have a confirmed reservation for a certain Group, and no cars in this category are available we will upgrade your booking for the one above at no extra cost.

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